January 19, 2008

Bubble, bubble, Toil and Trouble.

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It’s the old $4+$0.40 180 player no-limit hold’em SNG over on PokerStars. I have an above average stack of around 20K, blinds are 300/600 with a 50 chip ante.

It’s the bubble.

Now like most of these tournaments there’s no real money on offer until the final table and even then not until around 5th place. Places 10-18 pay only $8.64 which is hardly worth the time you invest into one of these. Given that information, when you’re dealt:

:Ad: :Ac:

In the big blind and the small blind player who’s just recently joined the table and has you covered with about 33K in chips raises it up to 3000 after one limper what do you do?

I went through the options:

  1. Fold. This seems weak but will almost guarantee me at least some money. My thinking though is this isn’t the kind of play that’s going to get me into that top 5 at the final table.
  2. Call. Nah, I don’t want to put myself into any tricky situations post flop this hand.
  3. Raise. Sounds logical, how much? Well, I want to get rid of that other caller (though the action so far has probably taken care of that). I’m thinking up to about 9000. That only leaves me with 11K behind though in what would be a 18K pot plus ante’s. I’m probably going to be all-in this hand if I do this. So…
  4. All-In? Sounds good, I can take down an already decent sized pot right here and if he calls he’s way behind.

So I push and am very surprised when he calls and then very happy when he shows:

:Kc: :Ks:

then very mad when the flop is:

:Kd: :2s: :Td:

I don’t improve and I go out in 19th.

So, tell me. Do you bubble here too? Even if I don’t push pre-flop I don’t see myself getting away from that pot with that hand on that flop. I don’t even think I’m supposed to be able to… Am I?

3 Responses to “Bubble, bubble, Toil and Trouble.”

  1. Short-Stacked Shamus Says:

    I probably bubble here, too, although I suppose it is possible not to. I don’t like Options #1 or #2 either, but taking Option #3 (raising, not all-in) does give you a chance to learn more about yr opponent’s holding preflop (and thus perhaps have more info to help you get away afterwards).

    Hard to imagine pulling that off tho’, esp. for an amateur like me.

  2. SNG Woes (WARNING: Venting)–Simon’s Poker Blog Says:

    [...] _uacct = “UA-367520-2″; urchinTracker(); « Bubble, bubble, Toil and Trouble. [...]

  3. chris Says:

    ahhh, yes the classic AA vs KK hand. always a breath-holder for the player with the AA. no worries, you couldn’t have played that any other way. the poker gods just wanted to piss you off that day. been there before and i feel your pain. great site by the way.

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