February 12, 2008

I’ve Lost My Mojo

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As I reported earlier I’m currently playing in the lower limit ring games and tournies after I cashed out my bankroll for a holiday over new years. Unfortunately this drop down in limits hasn’t been going so well and I consistently find myself struggling to get motivated at levels I feel I’ve already “conquered” in the past. A typical session for me is something along the lines of:

  1. Start patiently win a small pot or two.
  2. Go card dead, fold patiently.
  3. Hit a big hand, raise preflop and overplay it stupidly.
  4. Curse my opponent for playing so “badly”. “How could he call with A7o after I haven’t raised a hand in the past two orbits?” - That kind of thing.
  5. Finish the session down 10 to 20 big bets.
  6. Repeat.

Not the attitude I know and I’m annoyed with myself for playing like this but for some reason or another it’s a routine I seem to have fallen into.

It’s hurting my already lower than usual bankroll which isn’t helping my low limit tilting.

Not really sure what to do at this stage, maybe it’s time to go back to basics, back to what brought me success at these levels a year or two ago… Problem is that I’m just not sure if I remember how!

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