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September 5, 2006

August 2006 Poker Results

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Worst. Month. Ever.

5,657 hands of limit hold’em in the ring games for a total return of 0.38 big blinds per 100 hands.

To be honest I shouldn’t be too disappointed, a positive return is a lot better than the negative return I’d been expecting to report on a week or so ago. Still, I can’t help being disappointed with my declining results the past couple of months.

Don’t get me wrong, I know due to variance there will be good and bad months but the thing is this reduction in profit also coincides with my stating to play at more 6-Max tables. Does this mean that I’m a poor 6-Max player? I don’t think so, 2,500 of the hands I played last month were on the Poker Stars 6-Max tables where I turned a respectable profit of nearly 3 BB/100 hand.

So why the reduction in overall profits? I have a few theories:

  • Too small a sample size, I really need to play more hands to get a true indication of how I’m running at 6-Max (but it can’t hurt to analyse as I go).
  • The fact that I’ve been seeking out the most maniacal players at these tables (the ones that play 80%+ of hands, raise 60%+ of the time and rarely fold), while this should be highly profitable in the long term in the short term it can work against you.
  • Tilt. When those players just keep catching cards it can really mess with you. I can’t tell you how many times I’d see maniacs repeatedly calling down raises and even re-raises with no pair only to flop the nuts when I decide get involved in a hand with them.

So with that said, here’s my plan for the coming month:

  • Play more 6-Max hands, perhaps exclusively unless there are some juicy full ring tables.
  • Continue to seek out the maniacs, but only sit down at their table when I have position on them and when there is only one at the table. Better to sit down at a table full of passive players than one with 2 or 3 lunatics, sure the pots will be smaller but there’s less chance of going insane. Too often I’ve folded the best hand after getting sandwiched between two maniacs raising and re-raising with middle pair or a gutshot straight draw or some such.
  • Don’t tilt. Generally I’ve been good at controlling myself, I usually take beats very well it’s just this month that’s been the exception to the rule (probably because of my poor overall results).
  • Don’t force things to happen. I’ve always said (and I’m not alone) that poker is a game of patience, this doesn’t change at the 6-Max table even though you can see more flops.

One other thing got in the way of my poker playing this month - real life! Annoying as it meant I didn’t really get a good run at most of my poker goals for August, so they carry forward to September:

  1. Read Harrington volume 2, re-read volume 1.
  2. Return a positive figure in NL hold’em tournaments (actually made some headway here in August but nothing to get too excited about).
  3. Play at least 500 hands in a game other than hold’em, I’m thinking maybe some Omaha 8 or better.and now…
  4. Improve my return at the 6-Max tables.

Wish me luck for September… here’s hoping for some better results!

August 19, 2006

A Little Tournament Success…

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Last night I played in one of Poker Stars $4+$0.40 180 player NL hold’em tournaments. I’ve written before about how I’m trying to get as much tournament experience as possible for as cheap as possible and this tournament seems a good candidate. $1500 in starting chips, 15 minute blind levels and from what I could tell a reasonable standard of play once the riff raff has been dealt with (unlike the ultra low stakes SNG’s I’m getting killed in over at Absolute ;) - it’s a good thing I’m good at handling bad beats, but that’s another topic).

I won’t go into too much detail but I will say that I was feeling good throughout, applying what I’ve been reading from Harrington where I felt it was appropriate and playing well enough to make it through the first two breaks and into the money (top 18 places pay) with a chip stack slightly above average.

Unfortunately though by the time the bubble burst the blinds and antes were large even for the bigger stacks and for a while play turned into a bit of an all-in fest. I lost a couple of races, most notable being my 77 in the SB vs the BB’s A5o where I was a 70/30 favourite against a player who I’d slowly been getting the better of all tournament only to lose half my stack when an ace came on the flop.

Into the final 15 or so players I was severely short stacked which gave me a chance to put into practice Harrington’s strategy about playing in the “Red Zone” (where your stack is less than 5 times the size of the pot) which worked great until my KTs ran into QQ and didn’t improve, double up there though and I would have been a contender for the final table.

So, in the end I was out in 13th place after 2.5 hours of play. Not a bad result, except for the fact that the prizes are very top heavy in this tournament and there’s no significant money until the final three. I’m almost embarrassed to say but for all my work I took a measly $8.64 for 13th, that’s a huge net profit of $4.24 :D.

Hardly a way to get rich, but if you want to get cheap multi-table tournament experience at any time of the day against a wide variety of opponents then it’s pretty hard to go past.

August 17, 2006


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I was reluctant to share this hand because firstly it looks like I’m playing like a lunatic and second I have no way of being 100% sure I was “cheated”. Use your own judgement.

On the button at a 6-Max $0.50/$1.00 table I’m dealt:


This is a hand I would usually muck, but the action had been folded to me and to my left the SB was quite passive and the BB aggressive on the flop with any hand but passive on the turn where he often folded to anyone who’d shown aggression to his usual bet’s and raises on the flop. My plan was to cap the betting (if required) on pretty much any flop in an attempt to take it away from him on the turn. So, with an ace in my hand and only the blind to play I raised. Debatable limit play for sure, but bear in mind this is a unique situation and totally a “feel” thing. The flop comes:


My opponent, as expected bets, I raise and he calls. Then:

“xxx has timed out while being disconnected”
“xxx is being treated as all-in”

So, we see the turn and river:


And he turns over:


Giving him a straight, that he made on the turn. Not a huge pot and yes I almost definitely saved a big bet or two since my original read was correct but he hit his straight on the turn and wouldn’t have given his hand up as planned. My question is though, did he “disconnect” to deliberately see two free cards?

Maybe it’s a coincidence but it sure looked that way to me! Of course (and this is just to make 100% sure nobody else mentions it ;)), I probably just should have just mucked to begin with an